Chocolate Charity of the Year – Poppyscotland

At CC’s Chocolate Creations we were looking to raise funds for a charity.  With so many worthwhile causes we were struggling to pick one that felt right for us.

With the sudden death of a family friend and veteran our decision to support Poppyscotland was made.

Robert, ‘Bob’, Baillie and his wife Liz stayed near us when I was younger.  Growing up alongside their children the families had lots in common.  Over time real life got in the way and we did not see each other for a number of years.  However, a chance meeting a few years ago changed all that and led to a very special friendship with both Bob and Liz.

As CC’s was growing I was struggling to keep up with everything and Liz is a fantastic tablet maker.  She agreed to make all of the tablet for CC’s which meant that Bob became my delivery boy.

He would arrive at the shop most weeks laden down with my tablet order, declaring as he entered ‘it’s only me darling’.     At our open day last year Bob and Liz were centre stage along with my family and friends with Bob handing out all the chocolate samples to our many visitors – he only came to drop Liz off!

Bob was a proud poppy supporter and one of the last pictures Bob saw of his beloved dog, Mac, was one of him in his poppy bandana.  

Only a month after Bob passed Liz proudly got herself a poppy tattoo to remember him by.  

I am honoured to raise funds for Poppyscotland in Bob’s name.  You can learn more about the vital work Poppyscotland do by clicking on this link Poppyscotland



We have created a unique chocolate bar, Raspberry Meringue, to raise vital funds for Poppyscotland who need funding all year around.   Each sale will generate 75p towards Poppyscotland.  Why 75p?  This year marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  You can purchase your bar now and help us support Poppyscotland by clicking on this link BUY NOW

His lovely wife Liz has kindly shared the story of Bob in her own words below.

Rest in peace Bob, it was a honour to know you.  CC



Robert McDonald Baillie, Bob, my husband, the love of my life and my best friend, was born in 1 Yule Place, Blackburn , West Lothian on 21st November 1950 at 1 o’clock in the morning. He specifically waited until it was the 21st so that he could share the same day of the month with his two older brothers Tim whose birthday is 21st April and Tom who was 21st May. His father Thomas was a miner who sadly passed away when Bob was only about 6 years old and his mother Isobella followed a few years later when he was only 9. Bob lived for the next few years in Church of Scotland Children’s Houses in both Edinburgh and Selkirk and when he was only 16 he joined the IJLB and went to Oswestry as a boy soldier. After 3 years he passed out and joined the Kings Own Scottish Borderers where he served in the UK, Northern Ireland and Germany including his much loved city of Berlin.

Bob and I met on the 9th January 1972 when I was 16 and he was 21 years old, we were engaged in the September and married in the December of the same year. Our first born child, Bobby was born in Berlin on 7th March 1975 and was followed 3 years later by our daughter Louise on 16th March 1978. After 5 more years our ‘Baby Bear’ Christopher was born on 5th April 1983 (we still refer to Chris as our ‘Baby Bear’). Bob also took great pride in all of our many nieces and nephews and our grandson Kristian.

On leaving the Army 12 years after joining as a boy soldier, Bob took on employment within Yarrows Shipyard in Glasgow as a shot blaster and worked in John Brown’s Shipyard too. After a few years of redundancy, Bob secured employment working on the roads with Tarmac and Glasgow City Council. He worked long and hard hours often leaving his Christmas dinner and more often his warm bed to go out in his gritter to make the roads safer. This was one of Bob’s favourite times of work driving his gritter or his tractor during the less cold periods. Bob lived for myself and our 3 amazing kids, often giving and ‘doing without’ himself. Bob was also so good to family and friends and was always there to lend a hand, sometimes even before they knew that it was needed.

Over the last 18 years Bob’s health started to go downhill when he was diagnosed with diabetes. This got much worse about 10 years ago when he had to go on Insulin which also meant he lost his HGV licence. He then went to work on roads inspection as he could no longer cope with the heavy work he had been doing. In March 2015 Bob was diagnosed with an aggressive bowel cancer which he had removed on 15th April 2015. Bob couldn’t be ‘brought round’ after this operation and ended up intubated for almost 4 weeks. At the end of August 2015 Bob retired 3 months prior to his 65th birthday as he was no longer fit enough to work and after a long, slow recuperation Bob wanted a wee pup to keep him company while I was at work and on 10th September 2016 we brought home our tiny bundle of fur named Mac. Little did we know the size this pup was going to grow to and Bob started to tell people when asked the breed that Mac was a ‘Labrapony’. The pecking order changed in our house from that day onward as Mac very quickly became the ‘favourite child’. The quality of Bob’s life seemed to rise with his pup never far from his side but sadly this year Bob was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis and was due to have an operation to help this when he couldn’t cope any longer.

Bob’s last holiday in July this year was in his beloved Berlin where we spent an amazing week reminiscing and visiting old haunts and places we used to live in and where we also found loads of new things to do.

Bob touched the hearts of everyone.  Myself, Bobby, Louise & Mike and Chris, Claire & Kristian thank you all for the support you have given us.

Sleep tight my Darling.
Liz x