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‘Silent Sunday’ Childrens Workshop



On the last Sunday of each month we host a ‘Silent Sunday’ at CC’s Chocolate Creations from 12noon until 3pm. This allows customers to come into the shop in a relaxed and quiet environment to purchase their chocolate goodies.
On this day we also run a chocolate workshop for children with sensory needs. During the workshop the children will have the opportunity to make a chocolate bar, a chocolate lollipop and then get creative with marshmallows and melted chocolate. A drink of diluting juice is also provided.
The workshops are half the size of workshops held on other days to allow the participants to have plenty of room and are delivered in a calm and relaxed manner.

The information below will let you know what to expect when you arrive – please use the images within the gallery in conjunction with this information


CC’s is located at Simonsburn Industrial Estate, 2 Simonsburn Road, Kilmarnock. As soon as you turn off of Ayr Road into Simonsburn Road we are the first block of units on the right hand side.
Entrance to the unit is via the main gates which will be open. There is ample parking and the car park is secured by metal fencing around the whole area.

Once parked, entry to CC’s is via the main doors. This will take you in to a foyer where you will see another door leading to a small corridor. Within this corridor there are male and female toilets and the entrance to CC’s. Straight ahead of you there will be a door with a mirrored panel so don’t get a fright as you may see yourself!


The first thing you will see when you enter CC’s is a table and chair with a till. If CC is expecting you she will be sitting at this table. On the left hand side is entrance to the kitchen. This is covered with a string curtain and members of the public are not allowed within the kitchen area.

Straight ahead there is a small shop area where all of the products will be displayed on shelves. Opposite the shop area is the workshop area where we host chocolate making workshops. There are 2 large tables and a curtain covering the shutter door.


If you are attending for a childrens workshop to make chocolate, you will first be issued with a golden ticket that grants you access in to the workshop area. CC will also ask you your name so we know who’s chocolate belongs to who. Once everyone arrives each person will be issued with a hat and apron to protect their clothing and hair from any flying chocolate! It is not essential that these items are worn but it is recommended as the chocolate can get everywhere!!

At the workshop you will make 3 different things that you will also be able to take home. CC will help you make your creations.

Once all of your chocolate is ready we will remove it from the moulds, package it and let you take it all home to eat!!


• There is ample parking within the fenced area at CC’s and no need to cross any roads.
• There is no radio playing within CC’s and the environment is as quiet as possible, calm and relaxed.
• You can take as long as you need to browse the products on the shelves and pay at the till
• You may hear a slight ‘whirring’ noise within CC’s. This is just the chocolate machine making the magic happen.
• If it is a windy day you may hear the shutter within the workshop area rattling now and again.
• There tends to be no-one else around on a Sunday but on the off chance another business pops in to open up you may hear the sound of a shutter going up.
• The childrens workshop on ‘Silent Sunday’ is a smaller group size than on other days. There are two large tables and children can choose where they wish to stand. There is plenty of room to allow ample personal space for each child.
• The workshops last approximately one hour however, additional time is allocated on ‘Silent Sunday’ and there is no pressure to finish everything within that one hour. Take as long as you need!
• There are two breakout areas available should anyone wish to not participate in one of the activities or need some time away from the group.
• Where possible we ask that only one adult per child attend a workshop

If you have any questions at all or wish more information before attending a ‘Silent Sunday’ then please get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any queries or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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2nd February at 2pm, 1st March at 2pm

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